Recruitment FAQ

I’m not an engineering major, but I think the girls are awesome! Can I still join?


Phi Sigma Rho is an engineering sorority. We welcome girls who are aspiring to be engineering majors or are interested in pursuing something related to technology. The majors of our sisters range from Informatics and Math to majors offered by the College of Engineering. 


My piggy bank doesn’t grow like a real pig! How much do I need to pay each quarter in order to be an active member?


Active dues for the Mu chapter of Phi Sigma Rho can be anywhere between $120 and $150 per quarter. When you are going through the Membership Education process dues will be slightly higher due to fees needed for Membership Education and Initiation. If there are monetary concerns, feel free to contact our VP of Membership, Kaavya Samu ( to discuss your options.


What is the difference between a social and professional sorority/fraternity?


Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority. Professional sororities and fraternities are centered upon a common interest, such as service, medicine, or law. Social sororities provide opportunities to create life long friendships, become involved with our philanthropy and outreach, and network with alumni. Although Phi Sigma Rho is focused around Science and Engineering majors, our activities and objectives are primarily social in nature. Our sisters share many of the same challenging classes and majors and become a support system for academics, but our main purpose is to balance academics with an active social life through social activities within our sorority and external sorority activities with other fraternities and sororities.


What does Associate Panhellenic mean?


The Mu Chapter of Phi Sigma Rho is an Associate Panhellenic chapter. Therefore, we do not participate in Formal Fall Recruitment (FFR). We participate in Panhellenic programming, have Panhellenic and Junior Panhellenic Delegates, and can apply for scholarships offered through UW Panhellenic. We pay quarterly dues to UW Panhellenic to be associate members, which allows us to be members of UW’s Greek Community, while still being able to maintain our individuality and uniqueness as Phi Sigma Rho.


How/when can I join?


We hold our recruitment events during the beginning of fall quarter. We typically have two information sessions so that girls interested in joining our sorority are able to learn more about us. One is during Dawg Daze, and the other is during the first week of the quarter. For more information about when our recruitment events are happening, visit the recruitment section of our website here!


We encourage you to attend our information sessions to learn more about us, especially if you’re uncertain about joining. We have three recruitment events that provide a casual environment for you to meet our sisters, followed by an invite only event after which you may be extended a bid to join our sisterhood. Because we have an invite only event, we encourage you to attend as many of our recruitment events as possible so we can get to know you as much as possible! It’s important to us that we get to know you, and you get to know us before taking the next step towards becoming a member of our sorority.


How much of a time commitment is Phi Sigma Rho?


We all realize that especially as Engineering/STEM students, there are so many things going on (from classes, to research, and other extracurricular activities). It’s important to balance academics with your social life, and we would never want your academics to be ignored for Phi Sigma Rho events. Sisters are required to attend minimum required events including weekly chapter meetings, social events throughout the quarter, and philanthropy events. Many sisters choose to go above and beyond the requirements, making Phi Sigma Rho their top priority and choose to spend as much time with the sorority as possible. We encourage our sisters to get together outside of official Phi Sigma Rho events, whether it is getting coffee or dinner, or simply studying together.


Does Phi Sigma Rho have a house?


The Mu chapter does not have an official house. We do have a house that some of our sisters live in together after their freshman year. However, a majority of our sisters live either in an on-campus dorm or off campus.